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The Naughty in-Law - Page 29(WIP) added to the website:

f you’re having any issues with your login, please, send an e-mail to and i’ll get that sorted out. =)


Anyone that tried using your login to access my website today and get a error message, please, DON’T try it more than twice. It’s a server problem, and if you try it too many times it fucks up with your IP and shit, and you’ll have to get a new login access.(yes i’m a technical genius) All my tech guys are sleeping right now, so this will have to wait till later.

Oh, in the meantime, let me throw a little treat to get everyone happy.


Thanks guys, hope you all understand.

Rômulo “Melkor” Mancin.


Anonymous asked:

close browser, re-open browser, refresh the page, re-log into wordpress with your account. rename the file you want to upload, then upload the file as normal. chances are it tried to double load a file and now it has a corrupt one sitting in the wrong folder.

Already tried that, and tried to upload all kinds of files. None of those worked.

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