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kaiju-watcher asked:

Subscribing to your paysite, excellent work there. In Naughty In-law, is she going to get knocked up by her husband's father? and if so, is she gonna play it off as her husbands?

That is not in my plans, that pregnancy thing was a silly pun that the guy that wrote the old one thought he had to put in every single comic ending.(just because he didn’t actually know how to finish a story).

Yeah, my plans is to keep the characters alive, and work with all of them as they all live in the same world.

And thanks alot for the subscription. I hope you like it. =))


Anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your work. I'm a subscriber of your website, too. Are you open for private commissions, though?

send an e-mail to then we can discuss. ^^


Anonymous asked:

I picked up a subscription to your website after watching your work for a long time. It's honestly been great to see you grow as an artist and you produce awesome work constantly. Keep up the good work dude.

Hey, that really means the world to me. Thank you so much my friend. =)


Anonymous asked:

Who are some of your personal favorite artists or even specific comics? Your inspiration or anything? Love all of your work

Already answered that question but, mainly:

Shiwasu no Okina, Adam Warren, Claudio Castellini, Paolo Serpieri, Newmen, Isutoshi, Kamitora and Jab.

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