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setsuna75 asked:

Hi. You ask me last time what do i mean by " good way" of becoming a good hentai artist. I was meaning what should i start ? It's been 2 years of trying the anatomy shit or others technical stuff and i still don't get it. So please tell me is drawing hentai or art are something impossible for a ordinary peoples ?

Well, before trying on hentai, you should start with the basics, And i mean the actual base for drawing. Practice alot of circles, alot of curves, then move on to try drawing basic shapes with volume, balls, piramid, squares, do that until you nail any simple shape viewed from any angle. 

After that you should start learning on how to draw a human head, and learn it till you nail any position on that also. Don’t rush and try to learn everything at once, 

And move on from that, next is skeleton, and learning how to move a body with a simple stick figure frame. over that you’ll add shapes like a articulated figure. Then start learning human anatomy like bone structure, muscles and tendons. Then you learn cloth movement, and what are the rules on that. then lighting/shading.

Then perspective, composition.


After getting somewhat good on those things, you should start trying to find your style, and genre i guess.

Keep in mind that all of this i’m saying is for a person that does not have a clue on how to draw. This is how that person should do to get somewhere i guess. But drawing is not something you’ll learn from scratch in just a few years, requires ALOT of dedication and constant study and practice.

The Naughty in-Law - Page 30(end of part 1) added to the website:

f you’re having any issues with your login, please, send an e-mail to and i’ll get that sorted out. =)


Anonymous asked:

NOOO! Naughty in-law is ending?! I loved that one, It's my favourite series and best series found on the web. Do you have a release date set in stone for part two and do you also have a story lined up? I'm excited for the new Sydney!

No release date for Naughty In-Law part 2 yet. Just, Let it happen brah.

I’m excited for Sidney too. ^^


Anonymous asked:

When is Sydney part 2 suppose to release cause I've been dying to read it. Also With the Naughty in law do you have any special pages coming up that you're excited to release?

The last page of The Naughty in-Law - Part 1 is coming up next week, then i start posting Sidney Part 2.

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